Hello! Welcome to Holcomb Guitars!

Welcome to Holcomb Guitars, thank you for taking the time to explore the site. I am a luthier based in the small New England state of Rhode Island.

Musical instruments are endlessly fascinating to me. The relationship between a musician and their instrument is the closest thing to modern day alchemy I can think  of. Where else can you join a human being and an inanimate object to produce a unique, deeply moving moment that neither entity would be capable of producing on their own? A deft musician with the right instrument is able to create something much greater than physical sum of themselves and their instrument .

The magic that exists between musician and instrument is what drives me to create instruments. The more time, the more care, the more thought that goes into an instrument and how it is constructed will ultimately inform how much of this modern alchemy will exist between the instrument and its player.

Every decision made during an instruments conception – whether that be materials, construction, design, appearance or feel –  is an opportunity to allow the optimal voice of the musician to be heard through that instrument. I pride myself on creating cherished instruments that are as unique and specific to the musician as their music is to them.

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Do you have ideas for your dream instrument? I’d love to hear them.